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We Are Spreading the Word about Sustainable Fine Art!

We sell, support, and teach sustainably. Re-Gallery serves a unique need by providing a “green” alternative to traditional fine art.

Featuring one-of-a-kind sculptures and paintings for your home, our goal is to  provide art enthusiasts and distinguishing collectors alike with a unique piece that will inspire their imagination as well as their environmentalism.

What Are We Up To?

Have you heard of the Bird Project?

The idea is simple, begin each piece with the same bird image (a rubber stamp taken from a 19th century etching) and use that as a spring board for the collaborative process between 30+ local artists.

The local artist collective known as Paint Night Group have been using this spring board for the past seven years. The birds take many forms, from abstract creatures to birds dressed in business attire. The idea is to let go of your artistic ego, and create a truly collaborative piece between artists, some as far away as Japan and Germany.

The Bird Project’s latest exhibit is being held July 2nd, 5-7pm at Re-Gallery in Solana Beach. They will be featuring over 100 of their best works. Paint Night Group members will be in attendance to coordinate a large scale bird piece and invite the audience to help in its creation as well.

What would you do with 300 golf clubs?

Golf Club Challenge:

Recently, Re-Gallery inherited over 300 golf clubs. We asked ourselves, what could we make out of 300 golf clubs? We have some ideas, but we want to hear what you would make. A giant golf club chandelier? A killer golf club spider Johnny Quest style? Send us your sketches and descriptions and then pop down to the gallery to see the golf club sculpture created by Lester Corral.


Sustainable Drawing: Top Five Tips

Mark H. Adams, who is currently showing in Re-Gallery, creates incredible drawings on the backs of card board packaging and pages from old books. And he got us thinking. Is it possible to make drawing more sustainable?

We did a little digging, and came up with the top five tips for making your drawings earth friendly.

1. Use a Pencil Extender or Refillable Lead holder. You’ll be able to use almost the entire pencil, and will save you the annoyance and eye poking danger of sharpening both ends of your pencil.

2. Ditch pastel pencils for regular pastel sticks. You’ll save trees and money. If you’ve got to have the pencil, consider buying from Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils. The eco-friendly company runs a reforesting project in Brazil where they grow timber for pencils on formerly barren savannah.

3. Buy pencils from loose stock to reduce packaging.

4. Get creative with your paper when making practice sketches. Try using repurposed surfaces such as cardboard scraps or old books. And don’t forget to use both sides of your newsprint!

5. Buy from eco-conscious companies: Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencil and Cedar-Cased Pencils both use sustainable wood for their pencils, and Derwent Graphic Pencils recently switched to a UV coating manufacturing process which reduced the company’s energy consumption.

Got another tip or a cool eco-friendly product? Share it with us!

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