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Uve Hamilton: Compositions in Stone October 14- December 1

Re-Gallery is pleased to present the first Southern California solo exhibition for visiting Minnesota artist Uve Hamilton.  Collecting rocks is an exercise in chance, but for Uve it is a treasure hunt filled with a sense of discovery and magic.  What once was a childhood hobby has become a form of artistic expression for Uve.  Since her childhood along the banks of Lake Carnelian she has been collecting rocks, but over the years those rocks have transcended their earthy beginnings to become Zen-like works of art.  She has created hundreds of rock compositions, and each deals with the harmony she feels among nature. Her process reflects this harmony.

It begins with a quite walk along a lake, ocean or in a forest.  As she walks she opens herself up to the surrounding nature.  “The stones seem to wink at you, trying to grab your attention,” she comments. “There is no one type of rock I’m drawn to more than another.  Sometimes it’s a stone with an unusual vein; sometimes the color surprises me, other times the shape is worn in a specific way.”

As she walks she picks up the stones that seem to speak to her and slowly, as she feels the stones in her hands, she begins to respond them.  “I look closely at the stones I have gathered and seek harmonious relationships among them.  In a process that is both creative and meditative, I find stones that fit together so that each is indispensable to the composition.”  The composition grows and changes as she adds a color background to create a wall hanging that is simultaneously simple and complex.  A quiet, calm stability emanates from her forms.

Asked why rocks are her medium of choice she gives you a quite smile then responds, “Stones imply solidity and permanence in a human world of constant change.  While most natural objects suggest a specific season, stones are timeless; they do not belong to any season.”  Indeed, when viewing her work you can’t help but feel a sense that the rocks were here before you, and will continue to exist after you. When placed amongst each other they seem to gain a vitality and dynamism they lacked as separate entities.

Uve Hamilton’s exhibition will be opening at Re-Gallery on October 14, 2011 at 6-9 pm. The exhibition will run from October 14 thru December 1, 2011.

Past Events:

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