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The Bird Project: July 2-September 15

It has been said that there is power in repetition and for a local artist collective known as Paint Night Group (PNG) the saying has been proving true for the past seven years. The idea was simple, begin each piece with the same bird image (a rubber stamp taken from a 19th century etching) and use that as a spring board for the collaborative process.

Seven years later, Paint Night Group is still finding fresh inspiration from the same bird image. The Bird Project began in 2004 in an effort to build a collaborative spirit among the Paint Night Group members. Since then the project has expanded to not only include Paint Night Group members but other international artist collectives in Japan, Germany and Mexico. In 2006, PNG took they’re bird show to Amsterdam, Netherlands with 14 PNG members in attendance.

The Paint Night Group is an unofficial organization of 30+ local artists who have been meeting once a week for the past 14 years to create art and share ideas in a welcoming environment. The Bird Project fosters the collaborative spirit that acts as the foundation for the group. As one member commented, “With the Bird Project, the ego of the artist is completely removed from the art. The art is merely the physical residue of the collaborative process.”

The bird’s take on many playful and diverse forms, from abstract creatures, to birds dressed up as businessmen. With so many hands working on each piece, the artists never know what the final piece will look like. They say that in order for the process to work, it requires cooperation, some planning, some luck, and respect for the work of the other artists participating in it. And while some are more successful than others, they always have a playful energy.

Paint Night Group will be opening their latest show with over one hundred birds July 2nd from 5-7pm at Re-Gallery in Solana Beach. All proceeds will go towards materials for continuing the project for years to come. They hope to continue to create art in the spirit of collaboration and spread that spirit far and wide.

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