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Sean Brannan

“The approach I take to painting is to access the subconscious through the creative process. I believe that in the creation of art, or an image, one gains understanding of themselves by realizing that part of us which is otherwise inaccessible”. – Sean Brannan

Hillcrest based artist and recent first place winner of PacificSD Most Modern Artist, Sean Brannan uses scraps of label paper that he collects from his job at a label factory. After hand painting or using image transfers to create the colors that he wants to use, he cuts and places each strip of label paper individually to create the cohesive geometric designs.  The paper is collaged in a manner that uses balance, contrast, and color to create an instinctual yet harmonious aesthetic. His designs are mounted on repurposed wood.

Andrea Holeman

Andrea Holeman has become renowned for her handmade jewelry created from left over surfboard resin collected from her husband’s surfboard company. Shaping and molding the waste resin, Andrea creates vibrant necklaces, earring sand bracelets. Andrea’s newest collection incorporates other recycled and vintage materials like recycled glass, bakelite, celluloid, and vintage costume jewelry.

Karla Leopold

Informed by her experiences as an art therapist, Karla Leopold’s subject matter often explores the world of innocence and the things that bring darkness to light. Her work speaks to a sophisticated decay and incorporates elements of innocence tainted by time and past experiences. Karla uses drift wood from the pacific as well as vintage toys from Europe to create unique pieces that hold a past that can only be hinted at.

Tom Tomlinson

Tom is drawn to items that have been deemed by society to have no value. He purposefully incorporates canceled stamps, splintered wood and moth eaten book pages into his work. He aims to bring these items back to life, not to their former value, but rather to a secondary life that acknowledges their past.

Patrick Haemmerlein

A native of upstate New York, Patrick Haemmerlein settled down in Los Angeles after being inspired by the cities unique blend of nature and industry. Patrick combines his photographs of the city with recycled found books, encyclopedias, and other “Lost Angeles debris.” Reflecting on the issues of the day, Patrick explores how nature and industry coexist and clash


OneBookTree is composed of a Los Angeles based brother/sister duo who strive to push the limits of recycled possibilities. OneBookTree refers to much of their work as a lifestyle rather than individual pieces. Their work uses recycled materials such as old books, recycled magazines and repurposed wood to create a cohesive experience.

Michael Hammond

Michael Hammond, a former electrician from San Diego, creates functional light sculptures from discarded and recycled pop art items from the 1960′s through the 1980′s. The items he selects are mean to spark the viewers nostalgic memories.

Lester Corral

Internationally recognized sustainable artist, Lester Corral, works with scraps of wood and fiber that has been cast off.  He is a custom furniture designer by day, and has many relationships with local wood  shops that he uses to gather materials.

Paint Night Group

Local artist collective, Paint Night Group, is comprised of 30+ artists and has been meeting once a week for over fourteen years. They have brought exciting exhibits to Re-Gallery such as The Bird Project where the focus is place on artistic collaboration.

Rodney (Rodrigo) McCoubrey

The playful designs of Encinitas artist Rodney McCoubrey began over twenty years ago. He gains inspiration from discarded objects that he discovers along the Baja coast. From empty lots, dumpsters, street corners and the ocean, no place is out of limits when he is collecting his materials. Some of his favorite found materials include drift wood, nails, bolts, can openers, spoons, and motors.

Nick Baltins

Nick Baltins expresses himself and his hopes for the future through color. He believes that just like the future, color is always changing. Nick is an integral part of the gallery, using his personal experiences to act as a spokesperson for people with special needs and disabilities. With his help, we have developed weekly special needs classes that teach about self expression. Our goal is to not only replenish the planet, but also replenish our community.

Uve Hamilton

Collecting stones is an exercise in chance, but for Minnesota artist Uve Hamilton it is a treasure hunt filled with a sense of discovery and magic.  What once was a childhood hobby has become a form of artistic expression for Uve.  Since her childhood along the banks of Lake Carnelian she has been collecting rocks, but over the years those rocks have transcended their earthy beginnings to become Zen-like works of art.  She has created hundreds of stone compositions, and each describes the harmony she feels among nature. Her process reflects this harmony.

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