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We Are Spreading the Word about Sustainable Art!

We sell, support, and teach art made from reclaimed and recycled materials. Re-Gallery serves a unique need by providing a “green” alternative to traditional art.

From vintage jewelry and handmade envelopes, to one-of-a-kind sculptures and paintings for your home, our goal is to give you a unique piece that can inspire your imagination as well as your environmentalism.

What Are We Up To?

Thanks to ArtHatch and Melissa Inez Walker…

We want to thank Melissa Inez Walker, Founder and CEO of non-profit gallery and art education center in Escondido, and the artists in their life drawing class for their generous donation of sketches for our One Man’s Trash Black Friday art event.  These sketches are simply beautiful! Visit us Friday Nov. 25th from 6pm-9pm for an evening of affordable art ($5-$10) by artists of all abilities, and refreshments. Give somebody special the gift of one-of-a-kind recycled art for the holidays!

Give old Christmas ornaments new life at “Holiday Wreath Remix” Saturday, December 17th…

Beautiful recycled ornaments and bows by Nia Gipson $3-$8 at Re-Gallery

We all have those ornaments and holiday decorations which are broken, chipped, or a bit-too-loved.  Sometimes there are just too many fantastic ornaments to place on one tree!  Bring those decorations to Re-Gallery for our latest class, “Holiday Wreath Re-Mix;” and give them new life as a one-of-a-kind, recycled hanging wreath.  This is a great family activity to prepare for the holiday season.  Gallery founder and instructor Les Corral will provide hands-on instruction, creative ideas, and recycled art materials to complement your ornaments. Place: Re-Gallery 438H S. Cedros Ave., Solana Beach, CA 92075. Date: Saturday, December 17th. Time: 2p.m. – 4p.m. Cost: $25 per student or $45 for one adult plus one child. Register: call 858-259-2001 or email . Please RSVP for this class by Thursday, December 15th.

One Man’s Trash: Our Affordable Art Event!Friday, November 25…

Re-Gallery is thrilled to present One Man’s Trash, a veritable treasure hunt of exceptionally affordable art. During the event and continuing into the weekend, works by local artists of all skill levels will be sold for $5 to $10 each to help support and sustain Re-Gallery’s art classes for Developmentally Delayed artists and students of all ages interested in working with reclaimed materials.

One man’s trash truly becomes your treasure as you search through piles of sketches, prints, paintings,  and collages made from recycled and re-purposed materials for that special piece.  Art will be hung on walls and arranged on tables inviting you to literally hunt for your finds.  Come have fun in helping us to make art collecting accessible to all and to showcase Re-Gallery as the premiere center for sustainable art in the Cedros Design District.  All ages are welcome to explore to and discover works from artists throughout San Diego.  Light snacks and beverages will be served.

One Man’s Trash will be held Friday, November 25th from 6pm – 9pm.

We are currently showing Uve Hamilton…

Collecting rocks is an exercise in chance, but for our upcoming artist  Uve Hamilton, it is a treasure hunt filled with discovery and magic. What was once a childhood hobby has become a form of artistic expression for Uve.  Since her childhood along the banks of Lake Carnelian in Minnesota, she has been collecting rocks; but over the years these simple stones have transcended their earthy origins to become Zen-like artworks. She has created hundreds of rock compositions, each dealing with the harmony she feels with nature.

Asked why rocks are her medium of choice, she quietly smiles and responds, “Stones imply solidity and permanence in a human world of constant change. While most natural objects suggest a specific season stones are timeless…” Indeed, when viewing her work you cannot help but think of how the stones were here before you, and will continue after you.

Uve Hamilton: Compositions in Stone will be on display at Re-Gallery from October 14 – December 1, 2011.


Golf Club Challenge:

After we inherited 300 golf clubs our in-house artist/Gallery Founder, Les Corral, took inspiration in


the quirkiness of having too much of one thing and created Re-Gallery’s latest  garden sculpture. People suggested he sell them, but Les wouldn’t hear of it. With all the golf clubs being ‘woods’  (as opposed to irons or putters) he immediately conjured images of a golf club tree.  The end product is tangle of golf clubs and ply-wood strips rising majestically from the earth before the gallery. Come down and see it!

Sustainable Drawing: Top Five Tips

Mark H. Adams, a past exhibitor in Re-Gallery, creates incredible drawings on the backs of card board packaging and pages from old books. And he got us thinking. Is it possible to make drawing more sustainable?

We did a little digging, and came up with the top five tips for making your drawings earth friendly.

1. Use a Pencil Extender or Refillable Lead holder. You’ll be able to use almost the entire pencil, and will save you the annoyance and eye poking danger of sharpening both ends of your pencil.

2. Ditch pastel pencils for regular pastel sticks. You’ll save trees and money. If you’ve got to have the pencil, consider buying from Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils. The eco-friendly company runs a reforesting project in Brazil where they grow timber for pencils on formerly barren savannah.

3. Buy pencils from loose stock to reduce packaging.

4. Get creative with your paper when making practice sketches. Try using repurposed surfaces such as cardboard scraps or old books. And don’t forget to use both sides of your newsprint!

5. Buy from eco-conscious companies: Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencil and Cedar-Cased Pencils both use sustainable wood for their pencils, and Derwent Graphic Pencils recently switched to a UV coating manufacturing process which reduced the company’s energy consumption.

Got another tip or a cool eco-friendly product? Share it with us!

The 3-d is rendered incredibly well, and the angled side-scrolling view is nice and reminds me of 1-bit ninja remix rush

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