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We Are Spreading the Word about Sustainable Fine Art!

We sell, support, and teach sustainably made fine art.

Re-Gallery serves a unique need by providing a “green” alternative to traditional fine art.

Featuring one-of-a-kind sculptures and paintings for your home, our goal is to  provide art enthusiasts and distinguishing collectors alike with a unique piece that will inspire their imagination as well as their environmentalism.

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The featured artworks for buy essay for college RE:Gallery’s Sustainable Fine Art Guild will feature 10 local artists; each artist has taken their distinct technique to create individual sustainable hearts.  The artist’s have been asked to challenge themselves by manipulating their creative process and create conceptual artworks.  The title http://www.imvuguide.com/write-my-paper/ write my paper Los Corozones (The Hearts) expresses one of the artist loves; revisioning, repurposing, and reclaiming the creative art process.

Each artist will feature four hearts along with a “love letter” expressing how they conceptualize their pieces for Los Corozones.  RE: Gallery works solely on creating a collaborative dialogue between the artists.  RE: Gallery has been supporting collaborative sustainable art shows for the past 3 years throughout San Diego. Join us in supporting Sustainable Fine Art!

Featured Artists: Lester Corral, Rodrigo McCoubrey, Nick Baltins, Paul Uglow, Karla Leopold, Andrea Holeman, Sean Brannan, Sunshine Carr, Janelle Carter, John Finkbiner




Live Art-to-wear Event Nov. 17, 2012



http://essaysontime.biz/ http://essaysontime.biz/ Dixon Rand: New American Standard

DIXON RAND: New American Standard art to wear show featuring 100% sustainable clothing designs. Designer Abe Voytek will be featuring his fall line at Re-Gallery for the first time along with installation pieces to view and wear. The Art to Wear show will showcase re-purposed textiles that have been manipulated into high fashion clothing and accessories.

Dixon Rand: For the indulgent adventurer, rebel, philosopher, and gentleman.

Sean Brannan

Sean Brannan

Save The Date: Dec 1, 2012 opening

The featured art works have been created using a unique synthetic fabric/paper. Each strip has been hand painted and precisely hand cut so as to retain an organic nature of the forms. The artist refers to these collaged, multi-layered paintings as “thickets” due to their dense reed like appearance. These award winning works have been collected throughout the United States, and have also been featured in prominent art + design publications.

Rodney Mc Coubrey


Established sustainable fine artist, Rodrigo McCoubrey will have a solo-exhibition at Re-Gallery this August through September. Rodrigo McCoubrey has been creating sustainable fine art using treasures discovered around his southern California home since 1954. Like the ocean that provides Rodney with odds and ends needed to create his fantastical fish, his work is ever changing and evolving. His pieces are often constructed from things collected along the shore. Consequently, not only does Rodney’s work beautify walls it also beautifies beaches too.

Rodney’s dedication to sustainable art and the environment has not gone unnoticed. Rodney was awarded first place in Del Mar’s Enviro Fair two years in a row and was also awarded San Diego Coastkeeper’s Coastal Champion Youth Honoree Award in 2009.

Come see our community project!

Recently, street artists Humor and Star27 created a spectacular mural on the fence surrounding our dumpster!  Neighbors and visitors have been giving us rave reviews.  Come by and see it!  We want to make our dumpster art a rotating exhibit, so if you’re an artist and you’re interested in beautifying our trash receptacle fence, please contact gallery owner Lester Corral at lester@regallery.org